For The Love of LaLa

There has been a lot of heartbreak and tears over LaLa recently, let me tell you. There have been times that Samson has been downright distraught because LaLa is covered in mud, tomato sauce, peanut butter. Delete as appropriate. And yet, he could not bear to be parted from his beloved bunny long enough for it to have a good wash. It doesn’t matter that we have three of them. There is never a clean one when you need it.

italy-destination-wedding-photography-tuscany-lucy-shaun-claudiarosecarter-134Photo by Claudia Rose Carter

I can’t remember exactly how old Samson was when I bought bunny. He/she (who knows?) who was later to go by the name “LaLa”. He must have been around two months old. I’d read somewhere that babies slept better when they had a comforter. Something that smells just like mummy.┬áSo I would stuff bunny down my shirt and then place it beside him. And it made no difference whatsoever. It took me a bit too long to realise that babies sleep when they’re ready to sleep. For Samson that happened somewhere around the 6 month mark. We managed a few blissful months of uninterrupted sleep. Until he started nursery and cold season hit. But that’s another story.


These days Samson is rarely seen without LaLa. And if LaLa goes missing, everything must come to a halt until until he’s been found. Big LaLa got lost in Homebase for all of about 48 hours and that was distressing enough. And this little boy has a good memory so no chance of Big LaLa being forgotten about.

italy-destination-wedding-photography-tuscany-lucy-shaun-claudiarosecarter-67Photo by Claudia Rose Carter

LaLa is lavished with more affection than the rest of us combined. That bunny gets a lot of kisses and cuddles. But you sure do know when you’re in Samson’s good books if you’re offered LaLa to hold. LaLa is quite literally one of the family. We love you LaLa!


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